Things I Like

I mostly code in Scala and Java, but also a bit in Ruby, Python and R depending on the task at hand. I'm interested in big data technologies (especially the Hadoop ecosystem), search (Lucene), machine learning and maths.

Some projects and products that I love include Coursera, IDEA, Firefox, Redis and Netty.

Of course, I also like to read, music and to take photos, but I'm not good at it.

Things I've Done

Forward Cat

Service that allows you to quickly create a temporary email address that automatically forwards to your real email address.

Website: forward.cat
Source code: bitbucket.org/danisola/forward-cat


Search engine that aggregates medical information only from trusted sources in Spanish. I've developed it with an ex-colleague with the aim of learning Lucene/Solr.

Website: beta.youmedic.com, currently discontinued


I've uploaded some more code and some of the presentations I've given.

Websites: github.com | bitbucket.org | slideshare.net ] /danisola